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About Us

PMGM Infratech India Pvt Ltd is the one stop solution for your multiple requests in providing quality, affordability & seamless delivery of its promises. It is one of the finest and youngest real estate company based out of Hyderabad lead by B.Shashikanth having a broad experience in the real estate sector and has capped many mega projects in Hyderabad.

PMGM is known for its liveliness in the field of real estate industry ensuring committed management of the company and its team of a young generation with modern mindset under dedicating leadership in a system to develop transparent culture resulting in a long-lasting relationship.

PMGM Infratech India Pvt Ltd delivers the pure land with higher facilities comprising of a great location and amenities which makes you feel to capture the Dreamlands.

Your feedback is our first priority in delivering the amazing lands. Our success is driven by the standard of delivering to customers but not by the standard of receiving.

pmgm vision

Our vision is to leverage the land ownership dream by educating the customers with our extensive knowledge and the up-to-date rules and regulations of the government in buying a land.

Our mission is to scale up day-by-day with the noblest principles of professionalism, morality and customer-oriented service to upgrade the customer’s life for a new living.

pmgm mission
pmgm deeper insights

Moreover, our customers encourage us because of our deeper insights.

Our Insights:

  • Trusted Service
  • Worth Buying Lands
  • 24×7 Dedicated Customer Service
  • Highly Experienced Team
  • Transparent Environment
  • Hassle-free Registrations

You believe in us and We believe in our vision is our motto.

Ready to leverage the land ownership dream?