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How to Sell Land and Lots (and Why it’s Different from Selling Homes)

by pmgmadmin on August 24, 2018
How to Sell Land and Lots (and Why it’s Different from Selling Homes)

The real estate marketing has become all about buying and selling houses. Now we should figure out, how to sell land and lots. The market is flooded with these deals and deals for apartments. Even though it is very had to sell a house, it is harder to sell dirt, which is land. People these days are in the age of fast food they want everything delivered at the snap of their fingers. These people don’t know what to do with land which is basically dirt for them. So it is essential to find the right people who will be interested in the land. This can often be tricky and require some extra things to be done as compared to when selling a house. Thus, people need to go the extra mile when selling a piece of land, here we are helping you with ideas to sell land.

How to sell land

What to Expect:  The Land Market & Why It’s Different

Many people expect the market dynamics for lots and land to be the same as the market for existing homes.  They are not. You’ll be better prepared to sell your home lot or land if you understand some of the differences between the land market and the existing homes market:


  1. Lot and Land Buyers are Different from Homebuyers –These groups of people have very different perspectives, desires, and needs. Homebuyers usually want move-in-ready, with granite countertops. Land buyers, whether individuals or developers are looking for the right location and an opportunity that lets them customize to fit their needs.
  2. Land Requires Different Sales Techniques – A home has a kitchen, bathrooms and a façade that can be visual and photogenic. You can hold an Open House for a home and walk a buyer through each room to help make the sale. Buyers can easily visualize themselves in – and fall in love with – the built home. It’s just not the same for vacant residential lots and land.
  3. A market for Land is Less Active – The market for existing homes is almost always more vibrant than the land market. There simply are fewer numbers of buyers for vacant land than consumers looking for homes. Start marketing a new home listing and a new lot listing when both are desirable and priced well, and you generally can expect fewer contacts about the new lot listing.
  4. Patience Required – Selling a lot or vacant land typically will take longer than a house. You have to be patient.

How to sell land

How to sell land?
While we have noted that there are many differences when selling land, at the same time the concepts are similar to selling a home. You just need to tailor your strategy, tools and focus for selling this type of property.

  1. Understand Who Your Buyer Will Be & What They Need to Know:
    When selling a home you know your target market typically is a home buyer in a certain price range. But when selling vacant land you must evaluate who your likely buyers will be among many other factors. The buyer profile will depend on what kind of property you are selling whether the land has been developed already, its location and market conditions, among other criteria.  Is your likely buyer an individual looking for a lot for a new home? Or is your buyer going to be a builder or developer looking for land for their next project? Or is your buyer some combination of those, or someone different altogether?
    After identifying your likely buyers, try to think like them so you can focus your message to convey what they need to know about your property.
  2. Choose Your Price Carefully:
    Pricing can determine your success in attracting potential buyers, and pricing your lot or land too high is one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make…and regret. The wrong price will both scare away buyers from even inquiring about your property, and will cause your property to take longer to sell.
  3. Offer Financing:
    The lending market for vacant lots and land still is difficult, so many buyers have trouble getting financing. You should have a larger pool of potential buyers if you are able to offer some type of owner carry or financing.
  4. Use Online Listings:
    This is the age and era of online, everything is online. You go on the web to search for medical issues to remedies, and this stands true for a property as well. You need to list your land online, on various listing sites to get people who are actually interested in the land to contact you.
  5. Property Showing:
    Be sure to use visual tools to tell the story of your lot or land in your online listing in a beautiful and compelling way. You can’t show photos of a kitchen or great room, so be creative with your lot or land photographs. Use attractive photos of the home site, natural features of the land, the view from your property and even community amenities

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