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What Every Investor Needs To Know About Choosing The Right Real Estate Market

by pmgmadmin on August 24, 2018
What Every Investor Needs To Know About Choosing The Right Real Estate Market

Many investors when they are starting out are confused as to which real estate market they should be investing in. This is a valid question in this age of real estate market. Especially in an era when “virtual investing” (buying and selling properties without ever seeing them in person) really is a viable thing that anyone can do. With the abundance of property researching tools we have at our disposal and especially for investors who are looking for vacant land properties, the sky’s the limit.

There are a few key factors that have to be kept in mind. These factors are important to make your decision. But is important to note that all these factors will not be present in one market. It is best to evaluate which is the factor that is the most valuable to your investment journey.

  1. Which markets are easiest to work in?
  2. Which markets can support a sustainable business?
  3. Which markets have the benefit of an effective government?
  4. Which markets are potentially the most profitable?

real estate market
The Easy Markets:

A series of little things make the markets easy, but they all allow to eliminate ambiguity and make big investment decisions without questioning whether or not you are betting on a sure thing. When a market is easy to work in, it can be a serious asset. Now keep in mind – “easy” is not the whole story (not even close). There are other issues:

  1. It might be difficult to get properties sold (because the area isn’t desirable to live in).
  2. It might be difficult to find properties with good profit margins.
  3. The local economy might be prone to giant spikes and recessions (which can increase risk and made it difficult to earn a sustainable income).
  4. The state government might impose some bizarre tax laws that made it nearly impossible to make a profit in the end.
    While it’s great to find a market that’s easy to work in – it’s also important to look beyond this single factor.real estate market


A sustainable market is usually an area that has a solid and diverse economy (an area with MANY different business sectors that keep jobs and businesses afloat in all seasons). – economies with a lack of economic diversity can also be a HUGE source of opportunity. Some people have made a killing – buying properties during bad times and selling them a few years later at a massive premium (after the economy has improved)…  so don’t forget, you can use this kind of cyclical market to your advantage too. Nevertheless, many people (if given the choice) would rather work in a market that is sustainable – so if you’re looking for a place where you can stay put, invest for the long-term and make a predictable income (even as the world changes), consider the benefits of working in a sustainable market.

The Government:

A lot of government factors can also make the market suitable or not suitable for you. I some places the laws ant the taxes might be very high and stringent and the fees could be exorbitant. You need to figure out the government rules to understand if the market is for you or not. Unfortunately, a lot of this information can only be learned by getting your feet wet (or by doing a ton of research before jumping in), but wherever you choose to do business, pay close attention to the obstacles you encounter from the state & municipal governing body. In every market, there will always be something that makes life harder. While most of these obstacles will be manageable, some of them will be a deal-killer – so keep an eye out for landmines.

The Profit:

Some investors have tunnel vision when it comes to profit – as if it’s the ONLY thing that matters (and it’s an understandable bias because dollar signs can be very alluring). After all, some markets can justify FAR higher prices than others. The profit potential of any market can certainly be a deciding factor on where you focus your efforts – but don’t forget that it has absolutely nothing to do with the process being easy, the market being sustainable, or the government being effective…   it just means that some markets value real estate much higher than others – and this can be a source of some serious profit for you if you’re willing to jump through the other obstacles you encounter along the way.

These are some factors an investor can go through before choosing a market that best suits his goals and needs.

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